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  • Bring a blanket or chairs to sit on (but) you’ll need to be flexible about moving during balloon inflations and deflations; you never know where a rope is going to get strung out and we wouldn’t want to get you tangled up.
  • Dress for the chilly morning on the launch site (but) always dress in layers so you can stay comfortable as the morning warms up.
  • Please be sure to bring an extra flash card and battery for your camera (and) as long as we’re talking pictures, be sure and share your pictures and video with the world on YouTube and Facebook (and) while you’re at it, don’t forget to enter the Stampede photo contest … complete details on the official web site.
  • Enjoy the morning and afternoon activities. Introduce yourself and your kids to the pilots. Pose for pictures at the basket and next to balloons (watch out, pilots like to photo bomb images).

    Ask questions about the balloons; our pilots are here to share the dream of flight … let us help inspire your kids and grand kids !

  • Have a great time but don’t forget that you’re walking around (and sitting in) an active aviation operations area … gravity can, at times, be a very unfriendly byproduct of an otherwise fun and exciting event … Be Aware of what is happening around you as the pilots and crew prepare and launch their balloons.

    Aircraft are flying off the ground and chase trucks are moving off the launch site to follow and recover the balloons … Do you know where your child is ?


  • Bring your dog or any other pet to the balloon rally. High pitch sounds emitted by the balloon burners drive dogs and other pets crazy … It’s actually painful that close.
  • Please don’t smoke on the launch site, there are explosive propane vapors every where and that cigg you think you stomped out will melt a hole in a balloon. So just don’t.
  • Never ever, no matter what, please don’t step on or jump over any balloon lying on the ground. (Seriously) Never EVER … It’s like rule number one in ballooning !
  • No Dogs. Don’t step on the balloons. No Smoking. Don’t jump over balloons.