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This is the most important page on the entire Walla Walla Balloon Stampede web site.

In this day and age of challenging financial times there are not many companies (big or small) left in this country that have a sense of corporate responsibility to the towns in which they operate, earn in and call home.

And then there is Columbia REA, a Walla Walla home grown company who were it not for, likely Balloon Stampede would be just another great memory of life as it used to be, in Walla Walla. Columbia REA, an engaged and responsible member of the community. What pride.

The company logos shown on this page are the branded images of exceptional companies that do care, that have supported this event with their dollars, ideas and volunteers, year after year, all of whom have pride in this community and a strong willingness to each year, create an event that we can all be proud of.

It is because of the companies shown below that this event even exists to enjoy its 43rd edition and to each and every one of you, as a Stampede pilot of 39 years I am so very grateful and deeply honored for the opportunity to serve as the steward of this iconic ballooning event.

To those that read this I hope you understand how really important it actually is to support these companies. (and)

As you do business with these companies, I hope you will take a moment and thank them for their commitment to our beloved ‘Balloon Stampede’ and to this community.

Enjoy this years “Balloon Stampede”, the only reason we are able to have it each year is because of the generosity of those we list below …

Scott Spencer

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